Elaine and I would like to welcome you back to the Spiritualplain.  I say back, because, like us, you probably believe you have been here before.

And if you are thinking to yourself that it’s your first time, our experience has led us to believe that you have probably been here many times.  In between lives, and in your physical existence you, like us, have wandered here momentarily.

Either deliberately, usually through meditation, in sleep or in daydreams.  Where we have fleeting glances of people we know or have known, remembered experiences of our other existences.

Sometimes it’s our familiarity of places, vibrations and feelings in a small way.  Or you may have had solid visions of a previous existence that resonate with you. Unexplainable connections to people in this life, who are making this journey with you.

Do you sometimes feel that your spiritual energy is weak or lost?  You can’t see the path or, it’s there but broken – you’re not by yourself.

It is very common on the physical plain.  When the existence we have now in the “physical”, tends to have a more powerful pull and meaning, than our spiritual journey, when we are caught up in our everyday life.

It is our intention that this website, which is very much a physical medium of this age, can be used as the foundation and hopefully in time, the bridge to help you, and others, start to find where you are with your own spiritual journey.

We have both found that meditation is a great state to discover glimpses of our past journeys which is something we will write of in the future when we have a better understanding of what we are discovering.

We very much want and hope that people will bring their thoughts, feelings, experiences, knowledge to share and help us all gain further understanding on past lives and spirituality in its purest form.

Phil and Elaine Ashcroft